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Journey: The Departure (Best Seller)

It’s so good, it completely changes how you perceive laundry day.

In The Box

The Classic Laundry Soda

An ultra-concentrated laundry soda designed to keep your clothes whiter, brighter, and fresher.

The Enchanted Colour Absorber

Designed to capture dye molecules that leak from clothes, and thus neutralize possibility of your white clothes catching any other dye.

Lost in Wooods Fabric Sanitiser

Formulated to eliminate 99.9% of germs while being gentle on all types of fabric, keeping you and your loved ones safe.

Fabric Conditioner

Aims to ease your life with less hassle, time and wrinkles all while avoiding harmful chemicals.

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Does the thought of doing your laundry leave you feeling dead inside? Fret not! We have just the solution to help you get through these tough times.

The Departure is an all-you-need essential laundry experience to finally ease the burden of doing your laundry.

It’s so good, it completely changes how you perceive laundry day. Our bestseller has everything you could ever want in a laundry aid set to achieve clean, crisp and aromatic laundry fresh from the washing machine.

 *Note: This item can't be shipped to East Malaysia

Redefine Laundry Chores

As we go about our life's journey, it is truly an unavoidable routine task that takes up a lot of our time. So why not add a little element of excitement and have it done in the most efficient way to make room for the finest things in life?

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