Hand Crafted from a Humble Beginning to an Impressive End

Hand Crafted from a Humble Beginning to an Impressive End

Innovated to detach clean laundry from hassle and inconvenience, our products are the essence of passion, creativity, and care.

Sanren Journey’s aim ever since has been to reinvent and innovate laundry products. Countless working days of careful experimentation and a myriad of hours testing to unravel the best method to getting laundry done in a meaningful way, led us to where we are today.


Like a true friend, Sanren Journey has sought to elevate new home couples, expatriating travellers, and those who wish for a better wash across the world in creating a better way to wash that fits exactly what they want to achieve in life.

From pressing consumer-conscious laundry powder into cubes and sealing them into non-woven fabric pouches, to alchemizing a unique scent, and mixture of ingredients to eventually create the final outcome which you’re now seeing—we’ve gone to great extents to revolutionise, and bring you the amazing.

While this journey was perilous and stressful, it was somehow satisfying to its creators. They have finally formed the ultimate detergent that takes little time to use for a greater effect upon washing.

Each one is handmade with love and crafted from a humble beginning to an impressive end.

Sanren Journey’s creativity remains untouched by industry trends, thriving on passion, innovation, and the will to create for the excitement of the next invention.

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