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bringing you on a journey to discover your newfound love for doing household chores

Fabric Sanitiser

Fabric Sanitiser

We all know that these fabric sanitisers are mainly used after a... 

Gifted Pleasures

Gifted Pleasures

The perfect gift: Gift your loved ones with the most unexpected present,... 

created for the pleasure seekers by ensuring quality and comfort.

  • we care

    we hear. we listen. we understand. all your concerns help us improve our products and services in this long journey we embark on together. 

  • we work

    we strive to be a brand that constantly pushes ourselves to maintain a positive attitude when racking our brains to come up with washing machine-proof ideas

  • we live

    we’re riding first class on life’s roller coaster, accentuating relationships by being the one accompanying you in every stage of your life, one step at a time.

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