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Sanren Journey

The Classic Laundry Soda 800g

Make your fabrics as white as paper, brighter than the sun, and fresher than baked bread with this certified classic.

Why Do Our Customers Love This?

Low suds formula

Washing machine safe with its low suds formula that gently washes fabrics

No overpowering smell

No overpowering fragrances were added. Recommended to use it together with our fabric conditioner.

Concentrated Formula

Only a small amount is needed to clean, saving money and protecting the environment.

Brighten Garments

Our special formulation makes clothing appear whiter and brighter, and thus cleaner.

Tips & Tricks

Tips 1: For extra scent, softening, static control, and wrinkle reduction, add Fabric Conditioner

Tips 2: To avoid fabric colour bleeding, add The Enchanted Colour Absorber

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Prefer the old school way of doing laundry? Let’s go back to basics with Sanren Journey’s classic laundry soda. It’s an ultra-concentrated laundry soda designed to keep your clothes looking fresh off the rack!

Keep your fabrics on the clean and fresh side with this certified classic. It’s washing machine safe with its low suds formula that keeps excess lather from rudely interrupting the cleaning ritual inside the washer drum, resulting in your laundry coming out residue free.


Use 25ml of The Classic Laundry Soda for each standard sized load.

Standard size load (5 - 7 kg)

Large size load (8- 10 kg)

Always refer the washing instructions of the garment manufacturer and follow their instructions at all time.


Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Silicate, Nonionic Surfactants

Redefine Laundry Chores

As we go about our life's journey, it is truly an unavoidable routine task that takes up a lot of our time. So why not add a little element of excitement and have it done in the most efficient way to make room for the finest things in life?

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