We stand by the people

We stand by the people

We stand by the people—the people who dare to explore the new, the people who strive to trailblaze, and the people who’re on the journey to making their lives something worth remembering.

We offer the people who wish to imbue their wears with the scent of nostalgic home, the chance to do so right from the comforts of their abode.

But before Sanren Journey got to this point, let us take a journey back to the very beginning; the origin of a humble voyage that led to the birth of something impactful, and brought us to where we’re at today.


Like most people who undergo a profession in a distant land away from home, the founders came face-to-face with a dire problem of dealing with laundry. The laundry in this new land didn’t quite remind her of the soft, fresh, and the scents that she grew up in, and the hassle of cleaning various fabrics proved to be a tedious hassle she’d choose not to deal with.

She then inherit her father’s undying passion, and with the flames of ingenuity passed onto her, she has formed a visionary solution to help those who found themselves placed in the similar shoes she was once in.

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