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Sanren Journey

The Classic Laundry Stones (35 Stones)

We created The Classic Laundry Stones, first of its kind, to reinvent the perception of dreaded laundry days into easy laundry days.

Why Do Our Customers Love This

No overpowering smell

No additional fragrances were added as we want to highlight its fresh smell.

Convenience assured

Laundry just got a whole lot easier! All you need to do is dump the stone in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry.

Tips & Tricks

Tips 1: For extra scent, softening, static control, and wrinkle reduction, add Fabric Conditioner

Tips 2: To avoid major fabric colour bleeding, add The Enchanted Colour Absorber

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The Classic Laundry Stone, first of its kind in the world, is the pride and joy of Sanren Journey. We created it to reinvent the perception of pesky dirty laundry into easy laundry days.

Hitting a pile of laundry in the washing machine with one small stone is a miracle in itself. This laundry stone gets the best of both worlds as its outer layer is made with our Enchanted Colour Absorber Sheets that contains ultra-absorbent fibres.

It attracts minor colour run from the current laundry cycle by ensuring fast colour absorption and dirt residues are released from the wash cycle so that it doesn’t go onto your clothes. 


Place stone(s) into the washing machine drum.
Do not place stone(s) in dispenser.

At the complete of the wash, remove and dispose the fabric pouch of the Laundry Stone(s).

Standard size load (5 - 7 kg): 2 Stones

Large size load (8- 10 kg): 3 stones

Always refer the washing instructions of the garment manufacturer and follow their instructions at all time.

Do consider our colour absorber sheets for large quantities of dye run or item with poor colour fastness.


Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Silicate, Nonionic Surfactants

Redefine Laundry Chores

As we go about our life's journey, it is truly an unavoidable routine task that takes up a lot of our time. So why not add a little element of excitement and have it done in the most efficient way to make room for the finest things in life?

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