Product Frequently Asked Questions

Fabric Sanitiser

What is Fabric Sanitiser?
Does it contain alcohol? Can sterilize items?
Does it kill the bacteria? Can it prevent Covid-19?
Where else can I spray besides clothes?
Is there any difference between different bottle sizes?
Does it help with insomnia?
Can it remove bad smells from baby clothes that are affected by the milk stench or vomit?
Can it remove the smell of kitchen fumes?
Can it remove the sweat smell?
Can use it to remove the indoor stuffy smell?
How to use?
Do I need to add water to use it?
How long does a 450ml bottle last?
How long does the product last once opened?
Can it be used on leather furniture?
Can it be used daily?
Need to be wiped with a damp cloth on the surface after spraying?
Can I spray it on the shoes?
Can use it on the air conditioner?
Will it cause water marks?
Can use it in air purifier?
Can I put it in the car?
Does it contain formaldehyde?
Is it suitable for children and babies?

Alcohol-based products are not recommended for children under 1 year of age. Keep out of reach of children.

Can we spray directly on our pets?
Can the Fabric Sanitiser be sprayed on the face and body?
Can Hand Dermatitis, Ezcema, Ringworm & Sinus use this product?
Is there any certification for the product?
Is the smell pungent?
Does the fragrance last long?
What is the bottle material?
Best Sellers

The Enchanted Colour Absorber

What is the enchanted colour absorber?
Can I mix bright and pale colours together?
Can I use The Enchanted Colour Absorber for things such as curtains, bedlinen, covers, and cushions?

Of course. The Enchanted Colour Absorber is effective on all fabrics, however please ensure you follow the manufacturer’s washing instructions at all times.

Can I use The Enchanted Colour Absorber for new garments?
I have a colour run - will The Enchanted Colour Absorber remove this?
Is The Enchanted Colour Absorber effective on all fabrics?
After doing laundry my The Enchanted Colour Absorber sheet has changed colour, does this mean it has
The sheet became dirty after the wash.
Does it help reduce loose dyes?
Can it helps in fabric pilling?
Will it melt in the bits of paper?
Can I put the Colour Absorber in the clothes dryer?
Are The Enchanted Colour Absorber sheets re-useable?
Can I put the The Enchanted Colour Absorber sheet on top of my laundry or does it have to go underne
Will it ruin the garments' quality?
Does it work under high-temperature water?
How should I store The Enchanted Colour Absorber?
Can I use The Enchanted Colour Absorber for hand washing?
What is the expiry date?

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