Are you using too much detergent for your laundry?

Are you using too much detergent for your laundry?

Signs You're Using Too Much Detergent

If you have any of the following problems with your laundry, you may be using too much detergent.

  • Is there detergent residue left on your clothes?
  • Is your laundry greasy or sticky?
  • Are the clothes brittle and rough?
  • Do your coloured clothing appear dull and your white clothes appear grey?
  • Does your high-efficiency washer have a musty or foul odour?

To wash clothing effectively, consider the size of your washer, the amount of clothing you're washing, and the type of detergent you're using. Consider how dirty your clothes are, as well as the hardness of your water.

*Washing in hard water can leave mineral deposits behind on your clothes that can cause soiling to build up on your clothes and also cause your whites to look dingy.


Continue reading to find out if you're using too much laundry detergent and how much you should be using.

Standard Washer

Sanren Journey's ultra concentrated The Classic Laundry Soda: 25g for each standard sized load (5 - 7 kg) 

Sanren Journey's ultra concentrated The Classic Laundry Stones: 2 stones for each standard sized load (5 - 7 kg) 

"HE" Washer

A front-load or top-load high-efficiency washer uses significantly less water per load than a standard washer. You must use less detergent if there is no extra water to distribute the detergent and then rinse it away.

        • Use even less if you have soft water in your area. Untreated hard water requires one-fourth more product per load.
        • For heavily dirty/soiled clothes, pre-soaking the load is preferable to adding extra detergent. If you do decide to use more detergent, only use half as much per load.
        • If you have an extra-large capacity washer and regularly fill it completely with soiled laundry, double the recommended amount of detergent. Use less detergent if you only do "regular-sized" loads
        • Add The Classic Laundry Soda or The Classic Laundry Stone directly to the drum before loading clothes. Do not use an automatic dispenser because the powdered detergent requires the most exposure to water to dissolve completely.
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